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Additionally, JANDA has a full line inventory of all major brand controls, transformers, welding guns, SCR’s, Ignitron tubes, foot switches, cables, weld checkers, water chillers, and more.

JANDA takes pride in our highly qualified service technicians and can provide service worldwide. We are active members of the Resistance Welder Manufacturers Association (RWMA) and have an excellent reputation for providing QUALITY products and excellent service.

Mat tongkol:'' Yang, abang ada kat depan rumah ni!

Title: Google Groups Description: Google Groups allows you to create and participate in online forums and email-based groups with a rich experience for community conversations.

Incidentally, Dr Ellis' own graph shows that Australia's price-to-income ratio is around the level Spain's was at the time of its property market crash, while the fact that we are a little short of Ireland's pre-crash peak surely shouldn't offer too much comfort.

Secondly, Dr Ellis argues that Australia's high mortgage debts are relatively safe because the biggest debts tend to be held by higher income households."Most of the mortgage debt in Australia has been borrowed by those most able to service it," she boasts. But think about how high some of the debts are for those wealthier households, as well as their generally much larger living expenses, and how safe from default are they?

Others such widows, "taken care of" by Mohammed after their previous husband died. Divorced Asma of Noman / bint al-Nu'man uncertain relationship - 19. Bukhari vol.7 book 62 ch.60 no.88 p.65; Sahih Muslim vol.2 book 8 no.3309,3310,3311 p.715,716 Contrary to this marriage being important for political reasons, Abu Bakr was the first convert to Islam.

I asked, incredulously, was the Muslim really taught that every marriage was for those reasons? This wife of Mohammed is mentioned in many places, including Sahih Muslim vol.1 book 4 no.1694 p.372; Abu Dawud vol.1 no.1176 p.305; vol.1 no.1268 p.335; vol.1 no.1330 p.350; Abu Dawud vol.1 no.1336 p.351; vol.1 no.1419 p.373; vol.2 no.2382 p.654.

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How many dual income, high earning households are there in Australia who could keep paying their mortgage if one partner lost their job and couldn't find another one for six months or more?

Certainly, the older ones who might have got ahead on their mortgage and paid much of it off would probably be OK (and of course the older age groups are more likely to be in the higher earning category), but what about the younger, recent buyers?

Local battery providers have challenged Tesla, saying their plans are further advanced and they could fix South Australia's energy problems more quickly.

Tesla's head of energy Lyndon Rive sparked a flurry of publicity on Thursday last week when he told Radio National Breakfast that the company could fix South Australia's periodic energy shortages within 100 days using the firm's battery technology.

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