Range for using the infrared wireless port when updating

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Once you register you will be able to download the latest firmware file.You will also receive email announcements once a new firmware becomes available. Double check all connected power and HDMI cables for a secure connection.Restart power in the following order; Wireless HD Digital Kit, TIVO and TV in that order and verify if a stable wireless connection is achieved.2.

Wi-Charge's system makes use of a ceiling-mounted transmitter to convert energy into infrared light, beam that light across an approximately 500-foot area and capture it in a receiver on or inside the electronic device, where it converts from light into energy once again.This means IR is undetectable to the human eye - perfect for wireless communication.For example, when you hit a button on your TV remote, an IR LED repeatedly turns on and off, 38,000 time a second, to transmit information (like volume or channel control) to an IR photo sensor on your TV.NOTE You must make sure that the batteries in the X-Sight are fully charged before updating your device.In the event of a power failure during an update the X-Sight may crash corrupting its system files and will need to be sent back to the ATN factory for service.

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