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Sri Lanka is a Buddhist majority nation, which also has Hindus, Muslims and Christians, and traditional values and more liberal social norms have generally co-existed well during its modern history.

Here, closer, at this table across the room, an SS officer gestures to one of the SS men who an hour ago couldn't get the girl to sit at his table.

She admitted that new laws needed to be introduced if online safety was to be strengthened.

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PERFORMANCE AND MECHANICAL SPECIFICATIONS • Lowest SWR— PLUS! • Extra heavy duty aluminum mounting bracket with low loss — high strength insulators. new tronics corporation 15800 commerce park drive, brook park, ohio 44142 Exporter: Roburn Agencies, Inc., New York, N. magazine for radio amateurs FEATURES 2 3 3 4, t35 6 a 8 9 10 12 13 16 17 30 36 42 128 131 134 134 17, 133, 134 136 137 139 140 141 Say Die W2NSD/1 FCC Nem Convention C^i Kiue FCC Boondoggling QSL Cornell Looking West 50 MK# Band Repeate* Updale SSTV Scene OX EBC 144 Jf Amial Nanotarad Tube Cooking Ham Rjdio'i Futui e TV! I only wish I had more time to devote to this side of ham radio.

• All sections 1%" heavy wall, high strength aluminum. Stainless steel clamps permitting adjustment without damage to the aluminum tubing. Fix it Ham Help Conies it New Producu Murphy \ La,\ Pu^le Tube Warranty Soctal Evens Circuus. I hope all of you worked the boys on Kingmans Reef, due to a number of difficulties they did not get to stay there as long as they had planned, and they didn't get on the low-bands, I suppose this still leaves this Brand New DXCC on the "most wanted rare country" list for many fellows and it would not surprise me if someone goes back there again within the next year or so.

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